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New Year, New Blog ✨

If you've ever had the opportunity to meet us in person, you'll know we (Alysia & Sami) are both talkers!

Sociable, over-sharers, chatty-Cathys - whatever you call it, that's us!

So, we decided to create a little forum to get it all out. Whether it's swimwear, eco & ethical fashion, entrepreneurship, or the latest Eve Swim updates, this is where we'll cover it all (get it? 😉)

Welcome to our new blog, The Peachy Press 🍑

We thought it would be fitting to have our first blog post of the year, be a little recap of what our 2022 looked like. Sooo much happened in those 12 months!

  • We selected and developed designs for the 5 styles that will be released in our launch collection (little secret, we actually have a few more styles up our sleeves! 🤫 )
      • Traditional One-Piece
      • Crop 
      • Balconette
      • Mid-Rise Full Coverage Bottom
      • High-Waisted Full Coverage Bottom
  • We researched and tested different fabrics, elastics, underwires, and threads until we found ones we were truly happy with and were the most comfortable
  • We ramped up our social media efforts, after a slow start, even hosting a couple IG Lives (follow us @eveswimofficial)
  • We had our first ever photoshoot and got to see the 5 launch styles on real people other than our development team - us and our technical designer, Caitlyn!
  • We started talks with factories across the USA, and will be establishing our manufacturing partner in 2023
All in all, it was a busy and creative year ✨
We are SO excited for 2023: the year we launch and *hopefully* see everyone in Eve Swim!
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