About Eve Swim


We are Alysia and Sami, the co-founders of Eve Swim. As well as business partners, we are also sisters-in-law. 

Sami and Alysia cofounders of eve swim embrace in a side hug

Originally from New York, Alysia now lives in Sarasota, FL, where there is a major need for swimwear! Back in 2020, Alysia ordered a ton of swim bottoms online that promised to be full coverage, only to find out they were pretty itty-bitty on her. 

She decided to ask family and friends what their views were on the swimwear market and what is currently available. Let’s just say, she wasn’t the only one that felt defeated. In fact, she realized there is peach sized gap in the market!

Alysia phoned Sami (who just so happened to be visiting the beach in California). We talked through our frustrations with swimwear; from poor fit and lack of true coverage, to cheap fabrics, and the weird trends of fast fashion.

We laughed about how ridiculous it was to not be able to find something that had true full coverage and looked good!

So, Alysia asked “hey, wanna fix this?”

And, of course, the rest is history!



Photo credit: Tiffany Maysonet Photography